mrs. kasoogi’s panda problem

April 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

For almost a year now, our boarder, Mrs. Kasoogi, has expressed a rather disturbing inclination to consume endangered species.  The problem started, apparently, when she mistook a Panda Express for a restaurant that served, well, stir-fried panda.  “I’m waiting,” she told the employees, “for my panda.”  They were not amused.

Last summer she attempted to open a (let’s see if I have this right) raw, miniature, underwater panda restaurant in Montreal.  It did not attract a huge clientele, but it did attract the attention of the city health department and PETA.  As you can see, pandas became something of an obsession, and she developed an obvious (and unhealthy) crush on a certain major league 3rd baseman.

So, happy Easter.  K found a pattern for (wait for it) miniature knit pandas and whipped up a bunch to spread around along with the kids’ loot.  Mrs. Kasoogi is over the moon about her easter gift.  As you can see, she is wondering whether the tender, young pandas in question would be better baked?  Grilled?  Or simply sauteed, perhaps with some bamboo shoots?  The children, of course, are suitably horrified, but I suspect these cute, fluffy, adorable pandas are also quite flavorful, and thus not long for this world…


kasoogi cpr

January 23, 2011 Comments Off on kasoogi cpr

Bit of an incident at bedtime tonight.  Mrs. Kasoogi accidentally hit herself with a cattle prod while explaining her concept for a “kill your own steak” restaurant to the kids.  We had to figure out emergency CPR for a Kasoogi in a hurry.  Turns out to be an exceptionally violent first aid technique.

But it worked, and Mrs. K is back among the living.

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