long sleeve t-shirt crisis

January 24, 2011 Comments Off on long sleeve t-shirt crisis

Oh, man, I screwed this up again. Last week the boy ran out of long sleeve t-shirts because I hadn’t checked his laundry in time.  Small crisis, he just wore one from the dirty pile, which I figured was good training for college.

He was fine with that, but this week he also has a cold, which turns the volume up on everything.  And he’s mad because I don’t have the magic healing power that K has.  So when he discovered he was out of long sleeve t-shirts again, I got both barrels, and rightly so…

BUT.  It turns out that he does have long sleeve shirts.  But they are long sleeve rugby shirts, and they have collars, which he hates.  And there was a perfectly good one smashed into the back of his drawer.  “This one looks fine,” I told him, “just wear it and we’ll go to Target tonight after dinner and you can pick out some more t-shirts.”

The look he shot me could have drilled through stone, but he wore it.  (And, frankly, he looked pretty good).

So tonight we go to Target, and they have just started remodeling. They have moved the Automotive section into the Boys section, and halved their inventory of boys’ shirts.  The Girls section, C and I both notice, has been untouched. Fortunately they had exactly three boys medium long-sleeve t-shirts, all of which met with the boy’s grudging approval.

Boy howdy, have I ever done laundry today.


laundry laundry laundry…

January 5, 2011 Comments Off on laundry laundry laundry…

must remember to collect this more frequently. But seriously, how many 12-year old girls go through 11 pairs of pants in one week? What? All of them? Sheesh…

Update: The boy’s laundry, also one week’s worth, contained precisely two pairs of socks.

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