January 2, 2011 Comments Off on Monopoly

O&C both play a ludicrously good game of Monopoly.  I don’t quite remember when we graduated from the junior version to the grownup version, but the two of them are absolute sharks (except that C has some sort of undiagnosed utility fetish and will pay ridiculous amounts of $$$ for Water Works.  He’s an interesting kid).

Which makes it fun, because I don’t frankly feel the need to hold back.  The two of them add lots of trash talk and backstabbing deals, and they are perpetually in a mad rush to put up hotels fast.  That, of course, is their undoing.  I’m a big subscriber to the one or two houses at a time theory, since you need a wad of cash to survive the building rush.  We played until dinner time and then declared a three-way tie.  (But I would have totally schooled them if we’d counted up).

And yes, that is a half-finished bottle of Amoxicillin in the background.  Long story.


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