new porch chairs

June 21, 2011 Comments Off on new porch chairs

After seven years the old metal and plastic porch chairs that I got on sale at DWR were more than showing their age.  They had collected a fine patina of rust and mildew, and were frankly pretty unappetizing.  The porch is a great place to eat, but it’s also become my default office during the summer.  So finding some upgraded seating has been an imperative for a while.

Crate and Barrel had these chairs in their catalogue last month, and I liked the clean lines–and even the summery colors.  But I was a bit skeptical.  I’m a C&B veteran.  I worked at their flagship store for a season back in my formative years, and came away from that experience with an appreciation for fine barware, forged tableware, and a personal policy to never buy furniture from that particular store.  Not that it didn’t look good, but most of it seemed to be flimsy.

They’ve come a long way, of course, but most of their furniture has always seemed a little dorm-like to me.  So I needed to sit in these before committing to six of them, for sure.  On a recent dining jaunt to Chicago my traveling companion L agreed on an afternoon of furniture browsing in the sort of new-ish design ghetto around North Avenue.  And we sat in them, and agreed they were sturdy enough to put up with any amount of porch-based abuse.  So I ordered six, and they arrived two days later.  I got talked out of a third color–eggplant–that seemed wintery and a bit dark.  These guys look pretty fresh, and I’ve already stood on one to change the porch light, so my opinion about C&B’s furniture may well be maturing.  Now what I really need is a big galvanized steel drinks bucket and the summer ‘office’ will be complete.


floor week

February 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

Destruction is imminent…the floor crew is supposed to start sometime this morning.  I’m going to get the hell out of here before the skilsaws start in, but thought I’d memorialize the 84-year old oak floors in our living and dining room before they’re replaced by sleek, chocolate brown, totally sustainable and basically indestructible Plyboo.  O and I got the furniture moved out last night and this morning (all except the big couch, which is going to have to wait for someone who weighs more than 90 pounds).

And where is that furniture, you ask?  Next door in the dining room.  We’ve moved the table over to one wall, over the heat vent, which O likes because it kept her feet toasty for this morning’s Ovaltine.  As you can see, it’s a tight fit, and the week will be a little weird, but it looks like it will work.

I am sure K will not take it the wrong way when I say that I am so, so glad she is not here this week…


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