happy father’s day, maybe?

June 16, 2013 Comments Off on happy father’s day, maybe?

C walked past this morning.  “I’m going to download a song on iTunes,” he said.

“Cool,” I said.  “Which one?”

“Ballroom Blitz.”

“By Sweet?  Seriously?”  That used to be one of our favorite songs on the jukebox in the high school student lounge.”

There followed an impromptu air guitar jam session featuring an ever-louder chorus.  O wanted no part of it.

“Happy father’s day,” she said, walking out of the room.  “Oh, and here are the keys to your invisible Porsche.”  This has become the running gag.  Ever since the Mother’s Day breadbox incident, gift-giving among the three of us has always had a touch of the ridiculous.  I don’t wear ties or cologne, I have a watch that I like and enough socks, so really, jamming out to 70s  glam-rock with the boy and a knowing look from the girl is as good as it gets.


Well, that plus baseball.  L joined the three of us for an early father’s day present to myself last night, watching the I-Cubs win a squeaker while also watching a good bunch of thunderheads roll through.  The kids plowed through bratwursts, fries, cotton candy, and lemonade, while L and I debated the finer merits of the holiday.  She takes what can best be called a contrarian view of the whole thing.

“What if you’re not that great a dad?  Shouldn’t there be some kind of competition?  Only the really good dads get their own day.”  The rest of them?  They have to mow the lawn.

Thank goodness that isn’t the case.  Happy Father’s Day, all.  Enjoy your invisible Porsches.


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